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Salus Group is a Finnish company with a Nordic heart and a vision of being a global player within the financial technology scene and consumer finance. The world of banking is going digital and Salus Group is here to add pace to the transformation.


Salus is Latin for giving advice or help. Salus Group’s main objective is to help and advise consumers in finding the best solution – the most suitable loan offer for them. The process is quick and effective for both Consumer and Bank. With just one application, the Consumer is in dialogue with several Banks and can, within a few hours, pick the best match from among them. With this, the door to new possibilities is opened.


Our business proposition is built on a proprietary technology, developed based on the founder’s long experience and unique understanding of the market within the digital space of consumer finance and customer acquisition. The system ties all key players of the value chain together, from media partners to lenders, in a quick, informative and adaptable way. It is built to develop the market and add value to all parties, on a larger scale.


Salus Group’s unique understanding and expertise is especially seen in the client acquisition methods. We have several years of front seat experience within the financial market and multichannel digital client acquisition. Key is to have strong technology, that allows you to be in the correct place in the correct time - with the correct offering.