Very few markets have only one player. Therefor it is crucial that you pick, of all the possibilities, a partner that bring most value to the table and are able to adapt to your needs.

The Salus Group team consist of highly skilled and experienced digital natives, that have successfully built their previous companies on long term relations based on trust and genuine interest.

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25+ years experience with a winning combination of technology, know-how, talent and processes. Highly experienced in the Nordic market with proven profitability and revenue growth. Best in class acquisition and monetisation of prospects.

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A fully owned and Proprietary, custom and purpose built, scalable technology platform that will allow client specific catering combined with real time access for both lender and consumer

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Multi-channel traffic buying expertise in the Nordics. Unique understanding of how, when and where a consumer move from browsing to potential client filling in the application. The key is to find the user in the correct timing with the correct set-up.

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Several years of front seat within the financial market and client acquisition. We still have a lot to learn and want to be the preferred partner to our partners. This comes by genuine interest, dedication but also expertise.